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November 15, 2019

Help Younger Clients Plan Ahead with an LTC Rider

Statistics show that almost 70 percent of people over 65 will require chronic care later in life. Long-term care services can be expensive – and the costs are only expected to keep rising.

So, why haven’t your clients purchased long-term care insurance yet?

Some may not realize they need it. In fact, most don’t. That is, until they’ve experienced a parent or grandparent depleting their assets to pay for long-term care services. Perhaps that parent or grandparent even had to rely on family members to provide the care they couldn’t afford.

Others have a hard time making the purchase because they’re still young and can’t imagine themselves in a nursing home or assisted living facility. At this point in their lives, they only see the long-term care insurance premiums as an expense. They may be thinking:

  • If I purchase long-term care coverage now, will I be paying for it longer than I need to?
  • If I purchase long-term care insurance, will I have spent my money on something I may never end up needing?

This kind of thinking can lead younger clients to postpone their long-term care planning. However, by failing to plan, your clients face a bigger risk: the possibility of developing a condition that prevents them from qualifying for long-term care insurance once they’re ready to purchase it.

There is an additional option for clients who aren’t quite ready to purchase an LTCi policy yet. Your younger clients who also have a need for life insurance can purchase a life insurance policy with a long-term care rider.

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