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AcceleTerm — New & Exclusive

Gain the edge with this new and exclusive product. Learn more below.

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Peoples Protection Group, in an exclusive arrangement with Kansas City Life Insurance Company, is proud to offer you the New AcceleTerm giving you a distinct advantage in the field of mortgage protection.

A Simplified Issue Term Policy

AcceleTerm can help your clients protect their mortgage—and their family—by paying off their home mortgage with a simplified issue term policy.

  • Simplified underwriting that doesn’t require a lengthy health inquiry
  • Rapid issue application, ususally within hours.
  • Annual premiums that are guaranteed to remain level for 15, 20 or 30 years.
  • Face amounts ranging between $50,000 and $300,000.

Chronic, Critical and Terminal Illness Coverage

If your client is diagnosed with a chronic, critical or terminal illness, they may be eligible to receive coverage on up to 80% of the policy’s face amount.

Residential Damage Rider

If your client’s residence sustains $25,000 or more in damages, this rider will waive all policy and rider premiums for a 6-month period.

AcceleTerm Return of Premium

This policy allows your client to have all their eligible premiums returned to them if they outlive their policy. Chronic, Critical and Terminal Included.

Accidental Death Benefit

Your client will receive an additional death benefit in the event of death due to a covered accident.

Unemployment Waiver of Premium Rider

If your client becomes unemployed, this rider will waive all policy and rider premiums for up to a 6-month period.

  • Privileges that allow your client to convert their plan to one of Kansas City Life's permanent life insurance policies regardless of the client’s health at the time of conversion.

Income Assured Option

This enhancement allows your client to choose how the death benefit is paid out. Your client can select the amount, duration and frequency of income payments, and still maintain a lump sum benefit as well.

Children’s Term Insurance

Your client can add level term life insurance coverage for their children at a very affordable premium.

Waiver of Premium

If a sudden disability strikes, bills can pile up. This rider waives the premium during a period of total disability if the disability occurs when the rider is in force, before the client reaches age 60 and exceeds six consecutive months.

“The AcceleTerm allows me to offer my clients Return of Premium with Critical, Chronic Illness that get issued within hours.”

Khai L

Derry, NH

“It’s amazing having a exclusive mortgage protection product that my competitors do not have. What an advantage for me. Thank you PPG!”

Tommy C

Newport, RI